Revitalizing skin serum Acai & Raspberry Exfoliant, exfoliant for sensitive skin, facial exfoliant,skin exfoliant with antioxidants and vitamins c & e, calms irritation, antioxidants, removes dry skin, nourishes dehydrated skin, sensitive skin Nourishing moisturizer, avocado acai moisturizer, all natural moisturizer, long-lasting hydration, great product to wear under make up.
Designed especially for the care of sensitive skin types. This serum helps to regulate oil production . Removes dry skin and calms irritation. Rejuvenated and revitalized with this exceptional cream


At Euphoria Skincare we have created a soothing environment so that our guests feel at home and totally relaxed. Every treatment is fully customized to your own skin according to type and condition and your personal needs and goals.

We believe when you look good, you feel good about yourself. We combine advanced technology with natural and organic products to achieve result- oriented treatments. You will leave with healthier looking skin, not to mention feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! Each treatment is like a work of art, with our signature on it. Pavitra Naturals is my exclusive line of skin care products, found only at Euphoria SkinCare.